RSWA – Portable array measuring system for spot welded joints

The ultrasonic measurement system was developed for the non-destructive quality control of resistance spot welds. The portable and simple-in-operation device is capable of producing images of the spot weld’s internal structures. In addition to live on-screen image, this device performs an estimation of the nugget diameter and compares it with predefined minimum nugget requirements.

Using the unique technology of multi-channel ultrasonic matrix transducer, RSWA collects data from the surface and from the internal structures of the nugget. Special algorithms use this data to reconstruct the image of the spot weld and estimate the average diameter of the nugget area in real time.

How the RSWA system is used you can see here:

System properties::
  • automatic and manual estimation of the diameter and the quality of spot welds
  • automatic detection of joining level between the plates
  • 3 levels of user interface complexity depending on operator skills
  • including software package (generation of reports and test schedules) and file storage
  • long battery life (up to 12 hours) / light weight (4.5 kg)
  • mobile use at several inspection places
  • compatibility with existing home databases via data interfaces
  • easy measurement of similar components of a series by test schedule
  • automatic setting and calibration
  • imaging of spot welds in joint level
  • robust construction
  • easy and clearly arranged application