Adhesive Bond Inspection System

Tessonics Adhesive Bond Inspection System (ABIS) was developed for NDT of adhesive joints in automotive and aerospace assemblies. This system employs a matrix array of small flat ultrasonic transducers for evaluation of the adhesive joint without mechanical scanning. The reverberating waveforms recorded by the array elements are processed to obtain an informative parameter, whose two-dimensional distribution is presented as a C-scan. The C-scans show the lateral location of “adhesive/no-adhesive” regions in the joint.
Sample Measurements


  • Onesideaccess
  • Two dimensional 10 mm x 10 mm acoustic image of the adhesive coverage
  • Automatic determination of the width of the adhesive bead
  • Real time A–scan and C –scan display
  • Lateral resolution – 1 mm
  • Metal: steel and aluminum 0.7 – 2.0 mm thickness
  • Metal: coated, paintedand bare
  • Adhesive: 0.1 – 3 mm thickness
  • Adhesive: 0.1 – 1 mm thickness
  • Adhesive: structural and sealant; pre-cured and cured
Next Generation
  • Improved algorithms simplify usage
  • Integration with RSWA hardware and software
  • common tools for programming product information, collecting data and generating reports
  • easily cross-train operators
  • multi-purpose machines are available